Saturday, 23 January 2010


This is a short story I wrote when I was 14 years old. I was going to make it longer, but I gave up on it after a week or, so. I never checked for historical accuracy and am wrong on many points I’m sure of that. I just wrote this for fun when I was younger, so don’t expect very much from it.   

In the year 1100 A.D. the first crusade started. The story I’m just about to tell you is the untold story of the men that were the crusaders.

Chapter I The March

The weather was not very good this day I was in the rear of the army marching to the holy land. I wasn’t sure what I was doing. The Pope told us all that we would go straight to heaven if we died in battle, but I was only fifteen then and I didn’t want to die, so young. My farther went on the crusade, so I thought t was my duty. My farther doesn’t know that I’m going. I went without his permission, We all were marching that long march toward the holy land. I also wanted to go because I have never gone anywhere before. This was a new adventure for me.

Two days after we started the march I was already getting weary. The other men didn’t seem worried except for another young man. His name was Frederick and he was seventeen years old. We talk a lot during resting time. He told me that he has a fiancée back at home and said that he is going to marry her when he gets back, if he gets. I personally think that we will loose this war, but we must be hopeful because the lord is on our side.

As another day past the men kept on their path towards the holy land. I don’t know for sure, but I think I’ve heard that the holy land was conquered by the Saracens a barbaric civilization bent on destroying Christendom. I think Frederick is worrying about his fiancée because I hear him every night when he’s asleep calling her name. The nights seem to get longer every night. I can’t get to sleep half of the time anyway.

This morning it seemed different I glanced across the field that we had encamped on. I could see the four leaders that were leading us they were: Godfrey, Raymond, Bahaman, and Tancred. They were riding through the camp encouraging the soldiers. When they were up to me I gave a polite bow. Three of the leaders past except one it was Godfrey. He asked me “why are you doing this?” I replied “what do you mean” he said “why are you going to war you look very young to my eyes?” I said “ I’m nearly sixteen and my farther went on this crusade I can’t let him down” “your farther told you to come” “no I came because if he is defending Christendom than I should to” “Well my young defender what is your name?” “My name is Isaac” “Well Isaac be careful and watch your back this is a dangerous road”. Then he went with his comrades.

The next day was a long one. We all had to march fifteen miles that day. That night when we were resting I heard some rustling in the bushes. Then I saw someone in the darkness I yelled out to the other men. “Draw your swords there are bandits!” Then thirty armed men came out of the bushes. We fought the bandits by ourselves. I mean Frederick me and seven other men. We called for more men, but the march was to much. The other men were sleeping soundly while we kept on fighting. I was afraid of dieing, but I had no choice it was either fight or die.

As I fought. I saw Frederick slice down these bandits like they were cattle and Frederick was a butcher. It was a desperate fight each man fighting three bandits, but after a while we had killed them. After the skirmish Godfrey had heard what happened that night. While nine men fought thirty bandits. The rest of the men slept. Godfrey summoned us to his tent and knighted us all. I thanked him and left.

“I like the name Sir Isaac, it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” I told Frederick he responded by saying “well I don’t care myself, but I like the knighthood part, but we have more duties now, I just hope I live through this war”

It was fifteen days out now. Out form our homes. “I can’t believe It’s been, so long” I told Frederick he said “It hasn’t been to long we still have weeks to go till we reach the holy land” I asked him if he knew how long it was going to be until we reached Constantinople the crown jewel of Europe. He told me it would take a couple weeks.

Well I have been training with Frederick in the art of swordsmanship. He has tout me a lot. I can sword fight the other soldiers with ease now. The top knight in the army is really annoying. He thinks he is, so good, but I think Frederick is better. I’ve told him this but he doesn’t care about that kind of stuff, but I do. I have to show everyone what a great swordsman Frederick is.

The army is on its thirty first day of marching. I have calculated that we will arrive in Constantinople in three days. Isn’t that great the greatest city in the world and I can see it before I’m sixteen.

Two days now until we arrive in Constantinople today I’m practicing my swordsmanship with other soldiers. I beat a lot of them, but then I tried to swordfight with Banon the best knight in the whole army. I lost in a couple minutes, but I can train and practice more in a while I might beat him.

Chapter II Constantinople

We arrived in Constantinople the next day. What a sight all throughout glimmering roofs of the churches. The great palace and, so much more. I can’t describe the magnificent architecture. It was, so amazing! We had a great welcome the emperor came to greet us himself. His great robe was red and his crown was filled with jewels. He embraced the four leaders that had led us.

The night was a night of celebrating and a feel of success. We had reached the city, so no Muslims could take It over. The next day the commanders were planning their attack on the Turks in the area. The commanders had decided to attack a local city, so they would have a foothold in the holy land. The commanders organized another march to the city.

That night we arrived. The city had defended themselves very well they had put spikes on the banks heading up to the city. They also dug a moat and filled it with tar. The leaders planed their attack while the army rested from the march. I told myself to be brave because I was afraid this was the first battle that I have ever been in. The leaders had made plans to attack the city at dawn. When I heard this I went to sleep.

Isaac! Isaac! Where are you? I’m right here mother! Isaac where are you? I’m right here I said! Where are you Isaac! Stop saying that I’m right here! Isaac! Isaac! Where are you? Ah help! Frederick! Frederick! “what’s the matter” Frederick said. Then I said “I had a terrible dream” “what was it about?” “I was back home and my mother kept calling out to me, but I was right there and she didn’t see me.”